Our Summer Camp offers a fun and safe atmosphere for your child, and gives them a summer experience unlike any other.


At Pride Martial Arts Summer camp, your child will be looked after by martial arts masters, instructors and staff members keeping them safe and secure at all times.  Our program involves a wide variety of activities throughout the day.  Our mornings begin with yoga and meditation, giving your child a bright start to the day, centering themselves and stretching for the physical activities of the day. 


There are fun games to play, such as indoor sports, races, as well arts and crafts to stimulate their creative side.  We also teach structured taekwondo classes, where they learn important self defense techniques, as well as confidence, discipline, respect, and indomitable spirit.  Our classes involve physical conditioning, keeping your child active and healthy, utilizing the natural energy kids have in a positive and constructive environment.  After all this activity, our day winds down with reading and journaling time, developing your child’s reading skills and giving them time to relax after a long day of fun.


Our summer camp program at Pride Martial Arts is a fun, safe, and constructive experience, allowing your child to utilize summer to the fullest.  After our Fit 'N' Fun program, students can’t wait to get back to school just to tell their friends all the fun things they did over the summer.  Don’t miss this fun and exciting opportunity!

Our Summer Camp Includes Followings Activities:

- Taekwondo Class

- Anti-Bullying Skills

- Kids Yoga

- Obstacle Courses

- Physical Fitness Class

- Arts & Crafts

- Drawing

- Extreme Martial Arts

- Reading Books

- Movies

- Fun Games

- Team Activities

- And more!!


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