Here at Pride Martial Arts, we are happy to offer private lessons to our students.  Some students find that regularly scheduled classes are not enough to satiate their desire to learn martial arts.  In other cases, students need individualized attention in order to catch up to their peers in class.  Private classes enable the instructor to teach the curriculum in a way that will optimize learning and adapt techniques to suit an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  Whether you’re struggling to learn a certain technique, or simply want extra practice before the next tournament, our private one-on-one lessons give you a fighting chance at conquering your goals. 


The curriculum during these classes differs from our normally scheduled classes in that you choose what you want to learn in that time!  Need help memorizing your new form?  Can’t quite get the hang of that new kick you learned?  Just want to blow off some steam and heighten your skills? Our master and instructors will provide detailed tutoring in a comprehensive and fun way, sharpening your skills like a sword. No matter the reason, our private lessons are the perfect solution to your obstacles. If you have any questions about the rate and schedule, give us a call at 973-545-2787. 


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