Here at Pride Martial Arts, we offer one on one private lessons for kids.  We believe every child should be given the opportunity to learn taekwondo, and reap the benefits it brings. However, children with disabilities, autism, ADHD, etc. may find it difficult to keep up with and follow our regular classes.  That is why our school offers private lessons for any student who may be struggling, giving them individualized attention and addressing their own individual needs and obstacles. 

These classes allow your child to learn in a constructive way that directly benefits them, and allows the curriculum to be taught in a way that is tailored to their own pace.  Our private lessons have the same effect and impact on a student as 3-4 regular classes.

Taekwondo has been proven to be an effectively constructive and positive activity for many students on the autism spectrum. The focus, concentration, confidence and physical prowess that is gained through taekwondo training directly benefits these students in a drastic way.  Oftentimes life at home for these students also greatly improves as a direct result of taekwondo training.  These results have lasting effects on the students and their families, enjoying the full benefits that training in martial arts brings.

Our private lessons are available to any student.  If your child is struggling in class in any way, or simply needs some extra instructing to catch up to their peers in class, please ask about our private lessons!

If you have any questions about the rate and schedule, give us a call at 973-545-2787. 


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