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Here at Pride Martial Arts, taekwondo is not simply a hobby for children to enjoy after school.  It is a serious commitment to self-betterment.  So why should that stop with children?  You’re never too old to learn taekwondo.  One of the biggest reasons people give for not joining is that they are too old.  However, the reality is that taekwondo offers major benefits for all ages.


Taekwondo is extremely goal oriented.  Every student at Pride Martial Arts is encouraged to set both short term and long term goals, and to not give up until these goals are met.  Accomplishing something you’ve worked hard at never stops feeling good, and it gives you a sense of achievement that is unseen in other activities.  Our classes are a fun and fulfilling use of time and energy, even more so than simply going to some gym and lifting weights.


Even those who are adverse to physical fitness and conditioning easily become entranced by the world of taekwondo.  Overweight students learn the heights of their physical ability, despite their preconceived notions of what their body is and isn’t able to do.  Even those in their later stages of life can learn how flexible and agile they can be.  So many people come into taekwondo with false ideas of what they can and cannot do due to their age, and are constantly surprised by what they can achieve with dedication and commitment to the art of taekwondo.


Taekwondo not only helps you physically, but also develops your mind and spirit, nurturing an indomitable spirit and a healthy mind.  As they say, a healthy body is a healthy mind.  Taekwondo has been known to help those wrestling with addiction, mental health, and depression, and gives them a constructive and positive activity to focus on and keep striving for. People wrestling with mental health can find relief in the meditation in class, and find themselves a new power and inner strength they didn’t believe they had before.


Furthermore, taekwondo classes at Pride Martial Arts are an amazing stress reliever.  If you have a horrible day at work, or have problems at home, or whatever you may be wrestling with, channel these feelings into your martial arts training.  Kick faster, punch harder, yell louder, and release the unhealthy negative emotions and stress the day has built up inside you.  Use the class to completely negate these feelings, and focus on your training, focusing on the details in every little movement, rather than whatever is troubling you.  For thousands of years, taekwondo has proven to be an excellent outlet for negative emotions and energy, and remains a powerful stress reliever to this very day.


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